Last nights quarterfinal round of the Australian Open proved to be a stunner as unseeded American teenager, Madison Keys claimed a 6-3, 4-6, 6-4 victory over 18th seeded Serena Williams. Last night marked Keys first Grand Slam quarterfinal victory and some of the most consistent play we have seen from Keys since she joined the tour.

Battling a left inner thigh injury, reminiscent of the injury Key’s sustained at Wimbledon last year, she elected to call the trainers on the court for a preliminary evaluation. The decision was made to take Keys into the training room for treatment. She reappeared five minutes later with a pressure bandage on her upper thigh. It is likely that Keys did something minor to re-injure her left abductor muscle – the source of the injury that required her to withdraw from Wimbledon.

“It was definitely one of those thing where it wasn’t nearly as bad as Wimbledon, but it was the nightmare of ‘I don’t want this to happen again, so it was a little overwhelming, but luckily the pain meds kicked in a little bit, and the tape helped,” Keys said.

The treatment obviously helped, as Keys went on to defeat 34-year-old Williams sister, on her way to meeting sister Serena Williams this evening in the semifinals.

“I’m very happy I’m into the semifinals, but the moment is definitely sweeter being able to play Venus,” Keys said. “You just have to enjoy the moment, and I did enjoy it, and I get to enjoy another moment next round.”

With no rest, and an apparent chronic inner thigh injury, it will be interesting to see if Madison Keys is able to hold court with top seeded Serena Williams. It’s well known that Serena Williams has been suffering with a respiratory infection for the past week. It’s difficult, however, to rule out the motivating “family vengeance” that Serena is surely feeling after her sister’s loss last night. Add Keys mammoth ball striking game to Serena’s overwhelming beast-mode play and we’re sure to have an interesting evening of tennis.