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So much is being said about Dwayne Wade being severely injury prone. He’s never played a full number of regular-season games. This has never happened in his career. As of this day, there are 9 games that the Heat has played without the assistance of Wade. With a heavy schedule of 13 games in 21 days during the first 3 weeks of April, it’s only natural to wonder if Wade will be able to contribute what the team needs from him. The Heat can’t grab that top seed without Dwayne Wade. When you consider the numerous lumps and bumps Dwayne has taken, in addition to ongoing headaches and ankle sprains, you have to wonder if the playoffs will be in the cards for the Heat.

Wade’s injury status has more to do with the hard-core slashing type of game the baller plays. You mix in some bad timing and luck, you get a bad foot-plant and an even worse landing and there goes your game. A slashing game equates to an injury-prone game. But, if Dwayne Wade played a different type of game, Dwayne Wade wouldn’t be the player that he is. One needs to factor in the contribution Wade makes when he’s in the game. Lots of NBA players stay injury free, but their contributions pale in comparison to D-Wade. You have to take this guy as he is, and be delighted when he plays at full steam. Typically wade’s contribution is enough to put a “W” in the Heat’s score column.

I myself am not so sure that the amount of injuries Wayne has sustained, up to this point, are that far outside the realm of normalcy. Over the last 4 seasons, Wayne missed an average of five games. Kobe and LeBron missed an average of three. Sure, five is a higher number than 3, but is that enough to make a significant difference in the outcome of who wins and who loses, at the end of the season? Now I agree that if Dwayne Wade isn’t healthy, come playoff time, the Heat will most likely get swept in the 2nd round. But that’s a long way off.

All the conversation seems like nothing more than crafted drama to me. Everyone says Wayne is injury prone and that this year it will be the Heat’s demise. I say let’s prove that Duane Wade’s injured playing time equals less than a full-time contribution, in the grand scheme of things. Let’s have this conversation at the end of the season. Let’s see if it makes a difference to the bottom line. If not, it’s just a lot of noise. Dwayne Wade is a superstar. He plays like a superstar. He will continue to play like a superstar. Everybody gets injured when they play the type of game Wade plays. It’s rough and rugged and it’s just his game.